Our Activities

We deal with the measurements and adjustments of welding equipment used in the automotive and aerospace industries.
All measurements are supported by using a professional METROLOG XG inspection software 

Portable laser measuring machines:
Leica AT-401
A portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) powered by its own internal battery, that allows extreme precision over ultra large distances. It is able to work in the most demanding environment, yet maintains the highest level of precision and the largest ever work envelope (measurement radius of 160 m).
measuring accuracy : 0.01 mm,   
measuring range : 320 m

Portable laser measuring machines:
Leica LTD 706 T-PROBE
Small, lightweight and easy to use manual probe, much more accurate than any other laser tracker on the market. With its longer stylus and a measuring range of 20 m in any direction it gives you the freedom in choosing of the proper measuring manner

Portable laser measuring machines:
Leica LTD 500

Laser measuring machine (CMM) perfect where the measured element or the device cannot be fitted in a traditional stationary 3D machine

measuring accuracy: 0,05 mm
measuring range: 35 m

Special measuring machines:
Coord 3 TRT-P 55

Two station measuring machine CMM 3D with the Renishaw measuring head with the measuring bolts. 

measuring accuracy: 0,02 mm,
measuring range: X - 5000 mm, Y - 2000 mm, Z - 2000 mm