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"CUBO" SYSTEM : Features and advantages

1. High flexibility:
  • Specific to the Multi-Model line,
  • Easy integration of new models,
  • Firstly, the robots set-up the body skeleton grippers, and then weld the body skeleton with the use of spot-welding guns.
2. High repeatability:
  • Rigid, geometrically stable geo-grippers, being aligned directly onto the frame of our "Cubo" system,
  • Perfect body skeleton set-up and tack welding at a single machining station (Mono-Geometry).

Our standard electromechanical sheet metal flanging station
  • The sheet metal flange bent to 45° and 90°,
  • Electromechanical drives,
  • Low environment impact,
  • Minimum number of components,
  • Easy maintenance,
  • Minimized number of bending units (maximum bending length = 1300mm),
  • Very small space occupied,
  • Possibility of flanging of both the inner and outer area at the same bench.
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