Our Activities

The Autorobot-Strefa Design Office was founded in 2003 and gathered together the employees who had completed one year’s professional practice with  O.L.C.I. Engineering Srl in Turin. Initially, all designs were created using CATIA v4, but in 2007  we decided to move to CATIA v5 to meet the demands of customers.

We mainly used to develop the designs in terms of the preparation of the technical documentation of the technological equipment for the car body welding lines based on the customer’s 3D models.ther design works ordered by our customers included these relating to both the designing of a device (developing a preliminary 3D model, followed by customer-tailored production drawings) as well as the implementation of the full technical documentation.

A strict collaboration with O.L.C.I. permitted to use experience gained by Italian designers, so that all 3D designs might be verified through ROBCAD simulations.
Our final customers include car manufacturers: FIAT, RENAULT, PSA, MERCEDES, VW.
We have developed the design technical documentation for the instrumentation for the emerging model of AIRBUS A350 jet airliner.

The Design Office therefore is experienced in executing designs in accordance with the standards and requirements of the said manufacturers.

Apart from the construction scope we also have CAD/CAM Department where programs for our numerically controlled machine tools are developed (being the equipment of Autorobot - Strefa.
The Design Office’s hardware resources:
  •  5 workstations with CAD CATIA v5,
  • 2 workstations with CAD/CAM NXv10,
  • 1 workstation with CAD/CAM Auton Cam Processor V12, PacW E 4.1, Rhinoceros,
  • Laser plotter A0 mono.

Process development / Simultaneous Engineering
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Process validation /optimization
  • The concept of fixing points
  • Specifications
  • Cost calculation
Designing – Detailing -Simulations                              
  • Layout
  • Mechanical design: Fides – Catia-UG
  • Electrical schematic drawings
  • Robcad simulations
  • Off-line programming of robots
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