Our Activities

Installation of the following systems:
  • Electrical systems,
  • Pneumatic systems,
  • Hydraulic systems,
  • Central lubrication systems.
on all equipment developed and constructed by Autorobot - Strefa and ordered by the customer

Installation of electrical cabinets:
  • Control cabinets,
  • Power distribution cabinets,
  • Lighting distribution cabinets,
  • HMI operation terminals.
and any other cabinets involving a variety of functionalities provided by the designer

Supervision and monitoring of subcontractors:
  • Electrical system designers,
  • Pneumatic system designers,
  • PLC programmers,
  • Robotics engineers.
and of all companies that perform for us industrial automation services, e.g. those performing the installation of devices at customer’s premises

Management of industrial automation projects:
  • Procurement of materials for projects,
  • Supervision of schematic drawings and other documentation,
  • On-spot assistance  to solve implementation problems,
  • Communication with the customer,
  • Quality control of the project implementation,